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Hey there fans of Zephyr Organics

After 2 years of faithfully bringing you recipes and tips, Heather is enjoying a much-needed break from blogging for us. I (Jennifer) am happy to bring you the updates, box contents list and of course, recipes. I have been devouring recipes since I stumbled upon this new world of fresh vegetables when I married an organic farmer.

What I’ve found is a wonderful, nutritious place that is anything but boring. It’s a break from the peas and corn rut and sometimes a trade of familiarity for quality. While I still have some pretty impressive blunders to go along with my culinary successes, I am enjoying the journey and hoping to help you in yours. Feel free to add your commments and insights. Among Farm Share customers there are some incredible moms, dads, cooks, bloggers, and even homeopathic doctors! What a wealth of knowledge- please share, even if this is the first time you’ve liked something you made.

Now, I am enjoying the chance to help my one-year-old develop a taste for good, organic foods. It’s been great getting to start him on our veggies from day 1 (ok, maybe more like 6 months). So far he will eat almost anything (if he’s in the mood).

So wherever you are in your journey toward better nutrition and health, I hope to make it a little easier and more fun.

Your farm Connection,


1 thought on “Meet the Blogger

  1. When I heard that the average person eats between 7 and 15 pounds of food sprayed toxins/year, I needed to find a farmshare. Zephyr has had great stuff this summer. It was a great summer afer all.
    I am on the Paleo Diet, to control adult onset diabetes. Fresh organic veggies play a big part in excellent control of blood sugars. I also have a discussion group called The Paleo Diet-Saving the human Species, where I encourage people to look for such farms. Some of my friends have responded.
    The Cummunity shared agriculture movement is growing. People are becoming very critical of non- organic crops.
    Thanks again Zephyr Orgaics.

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