Biweekly Pastured Eggs for 20201/2022 Winter Season


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Our hens have access to outdoors in their winter coop, and enjoy pecking around at our organic veggie and fruit scraps as well as being fed a certified organic and non-GMO grain layer feed. The eggs range from medium to large size and are light brown in colour. Eggs are checked for cracks, cleaned and float tested before sending.

With our biweekly winter egg shares, enjoy 13 deliveries of 1 dozen eggs on the following dates: Nov 17-18/2021,  Dec 1-2/2021, Dec 15-16/2021, Jan 12-13/2022, Jan 26-27/2022, Feb 9-10,/2022, Feb 23-24/2022, Mar 9-10/2022, Mar 23-24/2022, April 6-7/2022, April 20-21/2022, May 4-5/2022, & May 18-19/2022

*Please note eggs only ship with a vegetable or fruit share scheduled on the same week(s). Eggs N/A to those without a fruit or vegetable share.

*Limit of 4 per household please.

*If hens do not lay as expected and supply is low, pastured and organic eggs will be purchased from wholesaler for your convenience.

*Cartons from the farm may be returned. A quarantine period will be observed for safety.