Hear what it’s like to have a farm share from the experts: our customers.


“A Farm Share is an easy way to increase the number and variety of high-quality, organic vegetables in your family’s diet. We love having to find creative uses for some of the unusual vegetables we don’t usually buy and it ensures our young children have lots of healthy food to enjoy.”


“Fresh organic produce delivered to your door – it’s the best it can be!! My hat goes off to the dedication of Zephyr team!!”

“As a very recent transplant from Burlington we were blown away by the quality and reliability of the Zephyr Organics Farm Share. It is vastly superior to any of the other farm shares we have belonged to (3 over the last 10 years) in the west GTA area. We will most definitely subscribe again next year, and in the meantime, Teddy’s Organics in Uxbridge is a lovely bi-weekly trip for us to stock up on our veggies, fruits and pantry supplies.”

“Enjoyed receiving the basket every other week. It was like Christmas morning not sure what u will get.”

“It’s fantastic to have access to fresh, locally grown organic produce in the city, conveniently delivered to our door.”

“Wonder, high quality produce. A simple way to improve the quality of the food we serve our families.”

“The most interesting thing about getting a farm share is that I received a few things I’ve never eaten before and it made me be more experimental in my cooking. I liked it.”

“Getting my veggie box every week was a gift for me!!!”

“The vegetables were fresh and learned about some for the first time.”

“Fresh, Fabulous Food that is as Mother Nature intended. So Fresh that My Jack Russell jumped in the box each week to eat the carrots and beans!”

“Quality and quantity of our bi-weekly share was great. We looked forward to seeing what each week would bring!”

“Was so sad it was over….our family really enjoyed our farm share this year, the produce was insanely fresh, delivery on time every week and we tried a few things I normally do not buy which was fun to try and to cook with!”

“It is about the wonderful freshness of the produce, the wide variety, the fact that it is nicely rinsed and insect free.”

“Thank you for your hard work! You are angels, and you help keep me healthy and chemical free!”

“You make it so easy to eat healthy organic veggies from June to October…delivered right to my doorstep.”

“We love getting our regular delivery of delicious, fresh organic vegetables. We look forward to opening our bin every