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Newly transplanted sugar snap and snow peas in May

At Zephyr Organics, we believe that healthy soil makes healthy produce, and healthy produce makes nutritious foods. We have been growing certified organic vegetables for 26 years now on our third-generation family-owned farm. Over 140 acres of certified organic vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown in our fields and greenhouses. In fact, there are well over 60 different types of vegetables, consisting of anything from asparagus to zucchini. Located 100 kilometers from the city of Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area, Zephyr Organics can connect you to fresh local produce grown as nature intended.

Since 2008, we have been offering the chance for people to share a piece of the farm by having a box of delicious organic produce delivered to their doorstep weekly or biweekly for 22-weeks in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program called Farm Share. Our wonderful customers learn to eat with the seasons, try new things, and share a little in the ups and downs of farming while getting connected to the source of their food.

I (Jennifer) began coordinating the Farm Share Program in 2010, and I’m on my own culinary journey towards making more nutritious, organic choices and thoroughly enjoying myself along the way. Through the Farm Share program and via this blog, the love of good, fresh choices gives us all something wonderful in common.

5 thoughts on “About Zephyr Organics

  1. Do you deliver in Toronto. Also do you have berries. I am interest ll types of berries.
    Pleae let me know.

    Thanks, Bibi Zaman

  2. Hi Bibi,

    We do deliver to Toronto for our Farm Share Program (when people purchase for the whole season). We grow only enough berries for our Farm Share members, and larger quantities of vegetable items. Thanks for your interest.

    Jennifer Eng
    Zephyr Organics Farm Share

  3. Are your delivery trucks blue?

  4. Hi Jennifer! Love getting my basket of food but I’m stumped as to what to do with Jerusalem artichoke ..

    1. They’re great raw in salads, or substituted for Water Chestnut in stir-fry. Here’s Jamie Oliver’s twist; ) but google has a ton of suggestions…

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