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Welcome to Zephyr Organics – Farm Share

Choosing local and organic produce does not have to be a frustrating hunt. You can get affordable and quality organic vegetables conveniently delivered to your doorstep in Durham, York and North Toronto. Ask about our pick-up locations in South Toronto.

What is Farm Share:

Farm Share is a partnership between local people looking for the best organic produce and the farm, where the customer pays in advance for a share of garden. Then, their share is either picked-up or delivered each week for 22 weeks (June 6 – Oct 30). Just like in an ordinary garden, not all vegetables are available at the same time; you will receive what is available each week as a portion of your share. While you do not get to choose the contents of the box, achieving a good balance of greens, root vegetables and flavourful items is a top priority. Want to know more about what we grow? Search our blog for a week-by-week look at what our happy shareholders received last year.

When you sign up for a share, you are supporting your local farmer by providing a steady market for the fruits and vegetables that they are growing and helping with planting costs. In return, you and your family are able to try new vegetables, learn to eat with the local growing season and receive fresh food fresh directly from the farm. Read more about the growing season here.

Want to know more about how we grow as certified organic farmers? We are proud of how we grow great vegetable without chemicals using methods both ancient and modern.