Farm Share Week 10: Aug 5-7, 2015

Farm Share Week 10: Aug 5-7, 2015

Hi everyone!

We’ve had an adventuresome week on the farm because of (you guessed it), that fierce and fast storm on Sunday. It passed through in only about 20 minutes but there was no mistaking where it had been. We got off lightly in the damage department with a couple greenhouses having their plastic damaged. Our power however, was interrupted for just over a day, and both work and life go on on the farm barring serious tragedy, so my backyard at home became a radish-washing station and my living room became the Zephyr Organics office headquarters. Such a crazy start to the week but all that needed to be done was done.

I am very excited about this week’s and next week’s variety. Cauliflower and broccoli are two items I wish we had way more of but are difficult for us to grow organically, so we have some this week for most people and those that don’t get it this week will get it next week (and some celery in the mean time). Grape tomatoes are on in a bigger way- and they’re just like candy if you ask me. Cucumbers are back and savoy cabbage is here (same as regular with those pretty frilly leaves).

This week instead of a recipe I would like to furnish you with some veggie storage know-how in a sweet little chart, so here goes (in with your list)…

ItemStorage LocationStorage TipsUses
Cabbage (savoy)Fridge in crisper drawerStir fries, soups, slaws, cabbage rolls
CarrotsFridge in crisper drawer or bagRemove tops before storing and discard topsStir fries, soups, roasted, braised, boiled, sautéed.
Cauliflower, broccoli or celeryFridge in crisper drawerStir fries, roasted, use in veggie tray
CucumberFridge in crisper drawerUse in veggie tray or salad
Kale (green)Fridge in crisper DrawerGreat in produce bag so it does not lose moisture, loves iceSmoothies, salad, pasta, stir fries, soup
Lettuce (red leaf)Fridge in crisper drawerGreat in produce bag so it does not lose moistureSalads, sandwiches, tacos
Lettuce (romaine)Fridge in crisper drawerGreat in produce bag so it does not lose moistureSalads, sandwiches, tacos
Peppers (green)Fridge (can be kept at room temp. for short periods)Veggie trays, stuffed peppers, fajitas, pastas, stir fries
Tomatoes (grape)Counter (room temp. for best flavour)Veggie trays, salads, pastas
ZucchiniFridge in crisper drawerUse as noodles, in stir fries, soups, pastas, sauces
CeleryFridge in crisper drawerVeggie trays, alone with dip or cooked to add flavour to soups, casseroles
EggplantCounter (room temp. to prevent brown spots).Roast, use in eggplant parmesan, in soup, as meat substitute, roast and puree as dip (baba ghanouj)
Ground CherriesCounterPeel back the cute wrappers and eat as fruit, use as cupcake garnish or add to salads
Radish (red)Fridge in crisper drawerRemove tops to preserve freshness of radishes. Use tops as salad if desiredToss or potato salads, to add crunch to sandwiches, or roasted or braised if milder flavour desired
Swiss Chard (rainbow or red)Fridge in crisper drawerGreat in produce bag so it does not lose moisturePastas, salads, sauces, omelettes, smoothies, pizza
Tomatoes (roma)Counter (room temp. for best flavour)Placing in sun will ripen them furtherPastas, salads, roasted, soups

*Items that lose their crispness can usually be perked up in a bath of cold water. Most veggies become wilty because of moisture loss.

 First ten items on listHalf and Whole Shares
 Last 6 items on listWhole Shares Only

Here are some pretty pictures from lettuce cutting today. Have an awesome august!

lettuce pics aug 2015