Farm Share Week 14: Sept 1-4, 2016

Sep 1, 2016 | Uncategorized

I can’t believe it’s September already! Over this past 2 weeks my husband and I have been doing a fast-we have been juicing, or having a smoothie or other liquids during the day and in the evening our regular meal.  Since we’ve started I’ve begun taking a bit more pride as well as venturing out of my usual dinner ideas for supper.  My husband thinks he’s being spoiled since with all the tomatoes and other lovely veggies I’ve really stepped up my game making stuff from scratch.  This past week I had so many tomatoes (we also have a garden, and a friend stopped by with some too-this on top of my share) that I had no choice but to try my hand at making my own pasta sauce.  It’s amazing just how many it takes to get such a small yield but we had a wonderful vegetable pasta sauce (that I forgot to take a picture of again) this past week.  What I did try this week was a quiche!  From my share I used zucchini, tomatoes, spinach (which I also used on my home made pizzas from this week too).  I gave my first go at making a pie crust-which turned out great!  Has your share inspired new dishes? Tonight I’m trying a Mexican salad recipe.  Which hopefully will use up some more tomatoes and tomatillos but I plan on making at least another batch or two of pasta sauce after the long weekend.  If you have a nice salsa recipe you care to share please post it to the wall at zephyr organics on facebook and don’t forget to check out our pinterest page for more ideas!
A quick note from Jennifer:IMG_4954
Where has the summer gone, everyone?! My son is looking forward to school starting next week, and there will be lots of farm goodies to send as snacks, especially all the melons and tomatoes!
‎It’s been a funny sort of year with our field tomatoes just ready now at the same time as apples are almost ready! We have the most beautiful beans I have seen all year and celery for the first time this season. And of course there are the tomatoes!  
TIP: Hopefully you are eating them up for now…but if you find you are getting behind on your tomato consumption, just core them (field tomatoes) and pop in a freezer bag without blanching, and they will be ready when you are for chili, soup, tomato sauce or just adding flavour to meals. 
Enjoy the bounty! I love this time for year for the hot days, cooler nights and abundant harvest. Hope you enjoy each flavour.
-red swiss chard
-watermelon or cataloupe
-beeftseak tomatoes
-green beans
-romaine lettuce
-saladette tomatoes
Whole Shares
-chinese cabbage or bok choy
-orange cherry tomatoes
-second romaine lettuce
-eggplant or onions