Farm Share Week 7: July 13-15, 2016

Jul 14, 2016 | Uncategorized

Week 7 of your farm share boxes are here! With the rain we got this past week as well as last night will no doubt be welcomed by all the plants (and us!) with the intense heat we’ve had this week.  Here is what you can expect to see in this weeks box.  Next week you will see beans and carrots in your boxes too.


Week 7
Half (5 cases tues, 3 cases thurs)
-baby bokchoy
-blackcurrants or black raspberries
-green onions
-collard greens
-red leaf or sangria lettuce (pretty red)
-extra zucchini
-green kale


(1 case tues, 1 case thurs)
-red beets
-chinese broccoli or endive

Last week Jennifer was kind enough to do the blog for me while we went on a canoe/backpacking camping trip in Algonquin park.  We took our 11 month old and our 3.5 year old out and did 2 portages and while it was intense (insane?) we had a wonderful time connecting with nature and each other.  We did miss our week to get our box delivered but I just send Jenny a message requesting to have it delayed one week and voila! Yesterday my box showed up without even a reminder! So if you are going on vacation or will be away for whatever reason please don’t hesitate to contact us and have your share delayed until your return.  The new recipe I am going to try with the collard greens is Collard wrapped roasted veggie tamales.
I haven’t ever made anything like this before-and I’m excited to try it when time permits.  If you have any recipes that you care to share please don’t hesitate to link them in the comments below or share on our page on facebook.  Check out the pinterest page for more recipes that Jenny has pinned over the years too!