Farm Share Week 9: Aug 2-4, 2017

Aug 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

Can you believe it’s August already!? This summer is flying by.  Jenny has written an update about the farm.

Can you believe July is already over? One more month of summer vacation for those of you with school aged kids. Ours have been enjoying a couple day Camps and we’re soon to brave camping as a family with our 2 month old too! Make sure to make some memories you can look back on as the air starts getting crisp again.
I’m sure many of you have no issues with all the different varieties of lettuce that you get in your shares-my husband and I really enjoy our salads but our 2 young sons don’t consume large amounts so we always find ourselves with a lot of extra on hand.  Jenny suggested some salad options as main courses that I want to share with you all, I look forward to trying the Southwest steak salad myself!
Southwest Steak Salad with Avocado dressing
Many new veggies are just coming available now. Grape tomatoes are just beginning, so the lucky whole share members will get them this week and everyone next week! More beautiful cauliflower is coming, and we’re trying to make sure everyone who did get cauliflower last week gets it this week. Tomatillos are just coming ripe (hello Mexican foods!), eggplant is beginning, and peas are still going strong. Field
tomatoes are coming, along with more carrots, beets and peppers. If you are looking to pickle some cucumbers, bulk cucumbers are available, just ask Jen
( Garlic is being harvested but will spend some time drying out before it’s ready to go home with you. Hope you enjoy the summer bounty!
Half Shares
-beans or tomatillos (green tomato like
veg in papery husks- delicious cooked
with Mexican foods)
-cauliflower, broccoletti or kohlrabi
-green onions
-Snow peas
-romaine lettuce
-Sugar snap peas
-raddichio (purple-read leafy green,
great chopped and mixed into salads like
-Iceberg or green leaf lettuce
-green kale
-Pickling cucumbers
-grape tomatoes