Week 11 – Summer 2010

Aug 24, 2010 | Box Contents, Recipes, Update, Week 11

Hello everyone,

The nights sure have been cooling down lately and we can feel that we are getting to the end of summer. On the farm right now all of the seeding and planting is done – our focus now is on weeding the crops (much of which has to be done by hand) and harvesting the produce.

I have been trying to get you all some melons for your boxes but so far we are losing much of our crop to animals like groundhogs. That’s the difficult thing with organics – the animals find our food good to eat also! We will try our best to keep what we can and hopefully we will have a lot more next week.

Something we do have new this week is celery, which is just ready in the fields right now. I have tried to keep you informed about seasonal veggies by what I place in your box and by letting you know about things that are ready early because of the greenhouses. Most if not all of the leafy green vegetables are ready for almost the entire growing season in the fields.

Thanks again for your support of the farm and bon appetit!


(Quick note from Heather: I added in a few recipes that you might want to try, I made the spinach puffs and also the maple glazed carrots, they were both great! Also, I found a fantastic website that lets you add in what you have on hand and it gives you a selection of recipes you can make — visit supercook.com to check it out!)

Half Share
-broccoli (quick sauteed broccoli)
-red leaf lettuce (leaf lettuce salad with honey dijon dressing)
-green leaf lettuce
-grape or saladette tomatoes (pasta with grape tomatoes)
-rainbow carrots
-green beans (potato and green bean salad)
-potatoes (new)
-sugar snap peas (quick ginger sugar snap peas)
-heirloom tomatoes
-celery (new)

Whole Share

-spinach (spinach and feta puff pastry bites)
-red leaf lettuce
-green leaf lettuce
-grape or saladette tomatoes
-rainbow carrots (maple glazed carrots — yum!)
-green beans
-potatoes (new)
-sugar snap peas
-heirloom tomatoes
-celery (new)
-cabbage (cabbage rolls, I add onions and green peppers!)
-yellow beans
-snow peas
-cauliflower (great recipe with almond, raisin and caper)
-green onions
-green peppers