Week 14 – Summer 2010

Sep 15, 2010 | Box Contents, Recipes, Week 14

Hi everyone!

New this week is a new type of squash, delicato, and leeks, which are always amazing in soups and more.

I actually still remember this sweet lady who made potato leek soup for my family when we were all sick and that was half my life ago! So, leeks make me think of the kindness of others – sharing foods with others can be a small guesture that really makes a difference.

Hopefully my story was inspiring to someone, although some of you may not be inspired by the presence of zucchini again in your box. Well, can I encourage you to enjoy it once more or blanch and freeze it, because this should be the last week it is growing in the fields (how to blanch and free zucchini). I love zucchini as you can add some nutritional punch, texture and flavour to everyday favorites like italian dishes and tacos.

Also, this should be the end of the season for cucumber, so again I hope you enjoy the last of them.

The whole share boxes also received garlic this week (don’t worry, I will have some for all of you in later weeks) which I was shocked to learn is a very expensive item when Ontario grown and organic. Also, a visitor to the farm tried a clove on its own and was surprised by the potency of the flavour. So, you may need less cloves to get the same effect, or you could just enjoy the added flavour.

So, I hope you are all enjoying this new season (even though it is not yet officially here) and I thank the many of you that have given me your input – while I can’t make everyone’s ideal box every week, I sure can try to include various items that are requested, provided they are out there in the fields of course.

It has definately been a good growing year overall but I am sorry to say not a good one for our fruits. Our berry yields have been low and we have lost most of our melons to the local wildlife. However, we have had crops like broccoli which turned out very well this year despite being quite a challenge to grow organically due to pests. So thank you all for experiencing each week with me and standing behind the farm in all the ups and downs involved in agriculture.


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