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Farm Share Week 18: Sept 30-Oct 2, 2015

Hello from the farm! We hope that you’ve been enjoying the last few breaths of summer we’ve been having before we get into the cooler fall weather.  While I am sad to see summer go, I’m very excited for the crops that this time of year brings and to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.   This week you can look forward to enjoying:

-green beans
-sugar snap peas
-yukon potatoes
-lettuce (green leaf)
-red kale
-pepper squash
-green onions
-ground cherries
-red and yellow sweet peppers
-baby bokchoy
-cabbage (green)

This weeks recipe I made Simple Balsamic Swiss Chard but forgot to take a picture last night at dinner.  I made it with salmon and rice-and it was amazing!  Have a safe week everyone and enjoy your shares this week 🙂

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Farm Share Week 17: Sept 23-25, 2015

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Farm Share Week 16: Sept 16-19, 2015

Hello from the farm,
It’s been a crazy couple weeks of tree-climbing, tomato-preserving, lunch-packing and broccoli-identifying. It’s always an adventure here. I’m thankful for the rain we had and that summer’s looking like it will see us through until the end of September.
I finally have a kid in school and now I’m in the boat of you other school parents, trying to send your kids stuff that’s nutritious and they will actually eat! I’d love to know your tricks. Of course the apples and watermelon are an easy sell, but what about veggies? How do you veggify your kid’s lunches? I try to add tomato and lettuce to his little sandwiches, and when I ran out of lettuce, slipped a little bok choy on his sandwich instead. Happily, his lunch box came home empty! (and the class does not even have a pet rabbit…lol). I find dinners the easiest to mix in the veg. ‎I’d love your tips.

I hope you can appreciate all the sweat and energy that goes into the (real) food you eat‎. As mentioned we climbed and used a ladder to reach up to the top of those giant macintosh trees. We stoop down to pick up melon after melon, joining them into heavy boxes of sweetness. We bunch, we wash, we pack and lift, lift, lift to get all the goodness to you. It’s wonderful and exhausting all at once, like a lot of good things in life (any parents of small children here? ;).


I also discovered that broccoli happens to have a lot of cousins. Gai lan, a chinese white-flowered broccoli with looser heads and multiple heads per plant (whose popularity with bees gave me hope that there are still a few bees left), brocoletti which gives multiple smaller heads on broccoli on skinnier stems. We unfortunately had very little after the drought, but I figured I’d share my education with you all.
Here’s your list. Hope you love the vibrant colour  diversity and versatility of ‎these late summer jewels.
-honeydew/cantaloupe and yellow doll watermelon
-honeycrisp and macintosh apples
-baby bokchoy
-garlic chives
-green and red peppers
-red beets
-beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes (running out of ideas? Try bruschetta…just add garlic, oregano, basil, butter and cheese and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar if desired)
-red leaf lettuce
-gai lan/brocoletti/radish
-saladette or grape tomatoes
-sugar snap or snow peas
-rainbow swiss chard
This weeks recipe is something I wondered if they actually could go together, and low and behold a simple search pulled up a ton of different recipes.  Let me know if you enjoy the combo of swiss chard with apples and bacon.  I’m sure you could omit the bacon if you are vegetarian or sub turkey bacon if you don’t eat pork.  I can’t wait to try it myself!
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Farm Share Week 15: Sept 9-11, 2015

Hello from the farm and happy back to school! I sent my little guy on the bus for the first time and woah, I have no idea where the time went! Now I’m having to get organized about lunches like the rest of you school parents. Of course he will be getting watermelon in his lunch this week.
We are thankful for the rain today. All the vines are starting to dry up and even the hardy pepper plants are begging for water. There is always so much to harvest this time of year and only so many hours in the day. This week a generous neighbour is sharing his organic macintosh apples, a nice crisp apple good for eating or making applesauce or yummy deserts. Try some with dip or pep up your salad with it’s sweet crunch.
This Week’s list:
yellow doll watermelon, yellow honeydew or cantaloupe
black kale
macintosh apples (organically grown from a good neighbour)
green bell and red Sheppard peppers (all sweet)
saladette tomatoes
beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes
red leaf lettuce
savoy cabbage
roma tomatoes
yukon potatoes
ground cherries
garlic chives
For the eggplant I discovered this recipe that was a hit with my family: ‎eggplant lasgna recipe. I am not the biggest on eggplant but cooked like this I say bring it on! I am also eager to make some baba ghanouj, a heavenly roasted eggplant dip with loads and loads of garlic.
We used our sheep cheese ricotta from Carpe Diem and it was to die for! We even used our own homemade sauce. If you are getting overwhelmed by tomatoes, here’s the lasy way to preserve them. Wash them, take out the core and freeze! Then there ready for making sauce later or any cooked tomato recipes. Tomato season will be gone before you know it, so love them while they are here.
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Farm Share Week 14: Sept 2-4, 2015

Hello from the farm! It’s hard to believe that school is ready to start back up and that Labor Day weekend is just around the corner.  I hope you all have lovely family events to enjoy and to share these last few beautiful weeks of warm weather with before the start of another fall season.  This week I decided to share a fun recipe I thought was different with fresh zucchini that you’ll get in your share this week, and that you’ve gotten previous weeks.  Since apples are in season this dish would make a great one to bring along to those bbq’s and as a great salad alternative.  Enjoy!
Apple and Zucchini Salad Recipe
-red radishes
-ground cherries
-yellow honeydew melon, yellow doll watermelon or cantaloupe
-black kale or spinach
-green leaf lettuce
-grape tomatoes
-red potatoes
-garlic chives
-snow peas
-dandelion greens
-green peppers