Final week of Summer share 2017-but wait! We have winter shares!

Nov 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

Hello fine Farm Share folks!
It’s the final week of summer Farm Share.
It’s not so hard to believe on this crisp, dark mornings, but it
came quickly. The frost-sensitive plants have been harvested and
stowed away in the cooler, but lots of items are still to be reaped:Jerusalem artichokes, kale, collards, parsley, beets, carrots,rutabaga and I’m sure more!
We are thankful you’ve been a part of our season from start to finish, taking a chance with us and  enjoying the spoils of the land. Many blessings to you and your household for the winter ahead.  You’ve probably heard that we now offer winter shares: both organic vegetables and fruits. Follow this link and read carefully as your options are a little different than our summer shares:

Monthly payment options are now available for your convenience. Look for the next post featuring winter shares on November 14th.

Here is a 7,000 word guide on 15 health benefits of brussels sprouts according to science, and includes 7 delicious recipes. Check out the review below.

Farewell for now!

Week 22
-sweet cabbage
-chicogga beets
-Jerusalem artichokes (large root that looks like ginger- use
in cream soup, or slice and Sautee, skin and all in olive oil and
garlic until tender crisp)
-red pepper
-green kale
-baby bokchoy
 -radish or rutabaga
-Brussels sprouts
 -red cabbage