Farm Share Week 20: Oct. 18-20, 2017

Oct 19, 2017 | Uncategorized

Hi everyone!
It looks like fall is really here now. I managed to get most of the red peppers in just before the frost (thanks to baby-wearing and one happy little guy). This is the time of year we start gambling with the weather, watching for any chance of frost. Any time it dips below 2 or so, especially on a clear and still night is enough to completely destroy some plants, like sweet peppers, and scarcely affect others, like parsley or kale. It’s a busy time bringing in the fall harvest, but a rewarding time also.
Have you heard? The goodness can continue all winter long for you in our winter share.
No, it won’t have the incredible variety of summer, but we still will have lots of yummy root crops, winter greens and some Quebec organic cucumbers and tomato especially just to keep it feeling fresh. We are also offering a fruit share for the first time ever. Register soon as we have spaces for only the first 40 registrants this year.
For the rest of you, next week or the following week will be your last delivery for summer Farm Share¬† (sigh). You will receive you last share in a cardboard box. Please don’t forget to return your plastic bins. We hope you enjoy your fall veggies this week.
Here is a recipe for collard green wraps (and another link on how to prep them for wrap use)
How to prep collard greens for wraps
hummus collard wrap recipe
Week 20
-chicoga beets (candy striped inside!)
-sweet peppers
-sweet cabbage
-yellow potatoes
-Parsley flat
-Collard greens (nature’s perfect wrap)
-baby bokchoy
-black kale
-celery root
-Snow peas
-red lettuce