Farm Share 2019 Week 10 (Aug 7-10)

Aug 6, 2019 | Box Contents

And the rain finally came! It’s been a dustbowl but we were blessed with a few hours of rain today. It’s easy to wish for sun all the time if you are not a farmer and forget how much we need the rains to thrive! I aspire to be like my daughter (and sons, who literally dance in the rain!) This principle applies to life too! You can see the grey skies and the damper on your plans, or you can see the beauty and the nourishment coming your way. The only difference is your attitude- choose gratitude today. 🙂

I had to share this photo of my daughter dancing in the rain! The joy!
It’s here….watermelon! Super tasty, hydrating…what’s not to love?!

The really big deal this week is watermelon! Always a fan favourite. I have to limit the number of slices my little guy has before the “ahem” laxative effect works a little too well 🙂 You’ll notice we cut many of your watermelons in half. While I like to keep things in tact and as they are naturally, putting a 12 pound watermelon in your boxes would not leave much room for your other veggies, so something had to give. Bonus points- I got to see just how red and glorious they were inside! Next week we will be sending yellow doll melons- a much smaller melon that is yellow inside! Cantaloupes are also going to be ready soon, so I hope your sweet tooth is fixing for a treat. I have been called “watermelon lady” more than once, because I love to show up to social gatherings with a watermelon. Seriously, what is better than showing up with something super easy and nutritious, that children DEVOUR! And these organic, in-season melons have loads of flavour.

Another fun memory this week: My little B, packing grape tomatoes with Grandpa. He may have sampled a few, just to check for quality 😉
Now to your boxes! The simply six shares this week, with watermelon, Spanish onions, grape tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and romaine. Hungry yet?

Another new item in our boxes in Spanish onions. As you can see by their pretty green tops, they are fresh from the field and not cured. Yes, they are more perishable this way and should be kept in your fridge and out of the sun, but onions are a fantastic way to add flavour and nutrition to any savoury dish, so I am betting that finding a use for them will be no trouble at all!

Half shares week 10- we added baby bokchoy, carrots, zucchini and snow peas The boxes looked to lush and full already I forgot to put the romaine lettuce in the picture!
The full shares are jam packed this week with the addition of Yukon potatoes, red beets, cherry tomatoes, green kale, Chinese cabbage, spinach and field tomatoes. If you are overwhelmed by the greens, Chinese cabbage will last several weeks in a zip loc bag in your fridge while you eat up the more perishable items.
Was taking a peak at the eggplant greenhouse today and spotted a couple baby eggplants! First a pretty purple flower blooms (as seen in photo), and then a beautiful black fruit grows.
Ground beef, zucchini, carrot, swiss chard and tomato stir fry

Looking for an easy and affordable crowd-pleaser, that helps you incorporate lots of nutritious veg? This is one of those meals the kids just gobble without making a fuss of it. Another classic tasty dish by my mom. Just stir fry 1lb ground beef, 1/2-1 chopped Spanish onion, a few chopped carrots, 1-2 chopped zucchini, 1 chopped bunch of swiss chard or whatever greens you have, and 2 chopped medium field tomatoes until tender. Add garlic & Italian seasoning and a little soy sauce to taste. Serve over rice if desired.

Crudites at the ready for pre-dinner munching!

Do your kids (or even you, let’s be honest!), work their way through the rest of dinner, only to be too “full” for their veggies? Studies have shown that kids consume more veggies when they are available to munch on before supper. Bonus points- with something to snack on, you will be able to get the cooking done with less food requests! Why not keep a few crudites (raw veggies) and dip at the ready for such snacking emergencies as pre-dinner time?!

Well, that’s all for now folks! Now is your time to plan your meals for this week and get creating!