Farm Share 2019 Week 15 (Sept 11-14)

Sep 10, 2019 | Box Contents

It’s feeling a whole lot like fall! We just enjoyed the Uxbridge Fall Fair, a celebration of agriculture and community in our local town. If you are looking for a great time in the country, you should consider going next year. My kids had a lot of fun making crafts and other entries. No, they don’t get to enter all the veggies in- that wouldn’t be fair, but next year if they want to work hard caring for a certain veggie then maybe they will earn themselves a few new ribbons.

Our eldest with some of his fair entries

We harvested green cabbage today- a gorgeous crop, and so simple to harvest! If only it were so easy to grow. We grew less cabbage this year because it takes a great deal of nutrients added to the soil to get a nice crop. I have been eying those apples, especially the honeycrisp, that are looking amazing, red and plump, but after extensive taste-testing, I think they need another week or 2 to reach that peak, moan-worthy flavour! The red delicious apples are also looking gorgeous and red, but just need to sweeten up a little bit.

A beautiful green cabbage crop. They are ready for harvest when the heads are firm

The watermelon are officially done- I was so not ready for that, but we did have a solid month of melons! I cut most of your watermelon’s into halves last week to help them both fit in the box, and make sure they were not overripe inside. Soon some apples will be sweetening our lives.

Honeycrisp apples grow alongside a golden variety
Soup season is here! I put raw ground beef, chopped carrots, 3 diced tomatoes, and a couple cloves of garlic in my instant pot with some italian seasoning and salt. I set the pressure cook for 10 mins, and after doing the pressure release, added leftover corn, finely chopped spinach and kale, and broken up 1 minute rice noodles. I sauteed in the pot for 5 minutes more and we had a soup the whole family enjoyed. Leave it to the tomatoes to make a nice soup broth without having to add any from the store!
Here I cooked up spaghetti squash but cutting it into quarters and placing facedown in the steam basket over 2 cups of water. I set my pressure cooker to 10 minutes and made a bolognaise sauce loaded up with veggies including zucchini, tomatoes and carrots. Tip: it takes less spaghetti squash than you would normally eat in wheat or rice pasta to satisfy, and there is a whole lot more fibre and nutrients.
Your whole share veggie baskets this week
BC Bartlett pears, Zephyr golden delicious apples, Ontario peaches, grapes and oranges for this week’s fruit basket

What will you make this week? I know cabbage rolls and spinach lasagna are back on my menu! Happy making!