Farm Share Week 13: Aug 26-28

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Farm Share Week 13: Aug 26-28

Hello again from the farm! This week we have a box filled with lots of goodies for you to enjoy.  Here is some news from Jenny this week:

Well two of summers most-awaited and juiciest offerings are in your boxes this week: watermelon and tomatoes.
The melon of the week (more on the way) are yellow dolls, which as the name suggest are yellow inside when ripe with a pretty dark green striated ‎rind. We have been looking for yellow spots and knocking them to hear the hollowness inside in hopes that they will all be wonderfully sweet inside (all my test melons so far passed with flying colours), but if you get an unripe melon let me know and I will gladly replace it. I wish I had one of my son’s super heros’ x-ray vision for this task!

Also, we have beefsteak (the normal red ones) and heirloom tomatoes. I mixed them in together so if you see an orange, yellow or multicolored tomato that feels tender to the touch you received an heirloom variety, which I wholeheartedly believe are the tastiest! Being thin-skinned and full-on juicy, they do tend to split, so I picked the more attractive specimens and put them in a clamshell to try to offer them safe passage to your house. If any don’t make the grade after their journey, again let me know. These are too tasty to hog all to myself!


‎This week I took part in a video shoot for a short video that will bring awareness to farming in the region of Durham. Working with Paul Stiles and his crew was a breeze, and I’m eager to see the results of his work. I actually enjoyed the process.

Ted (founder of Zephyr Organics) and I also went to the Meet Your Farmer Uxbridge Event this past Thursday. It was a blast and full of great people and I couldn’t believe the abundance of produce and local products we had!

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer, and if your melon’s too big, then share, share, share 🙂
Here are what you can expect to see in this weeks shares:


-romaine or green leaf lettuce

-yellow doll melon
-green peppers
-tomatoes (beefsteak and heirloom)
-saladette tomatoes
-spinach or black kale‎ (if you end up with black kale I will try to make sure you get spinach next week)
-russet potatoes
-dandelion greens
-Boston lettuce (light green buttery beauty!)
-ground cherries
-red swiss chard
-chinese cabbage
Since we got more tomatillo and we also have cilantro in this weeks share I would share this tomatillo salasa verde recipe.

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