Farm Share Week 16 (Sept 19-22, 2018)

Sep 20, 2018 | Box Contents

Hello from Holland! Doug and I are in the Netherlands to celebrate a family milestone and getting a little break from the busy days of late summer (just about fall now!).

Other family members and workers have stepped up to make sure you get your produce right on schedule. If you need to contact us, email and Regina at the farm will help you out 🙂

Buildings over roads is an example of how the Dutch use space wisely.. 

I hope to visit one of the farms of one of the companies we get our seeds from, and take in some local markets! For now I have been inspired by the efficient use of space everywhere: farmers growing crops or pasturing animals on little straps of land alongside highways and buildings that stand above roads.


This weeks recipe I’m sharing a rainbow collard green spring wrap with shrimp recipe.  Truthfully I rarely follow a recipe 100% since I usually don’t have all the stuff to complete one.  This time I sautéed up some of the veggie from the share (tomatoes, peppers, cabbage from a few weeks ago, onions) and then cooked up rice and quinoa.  I put that in the center of the wraps and topped it with shrimp I cooked up and the family loved it and I forgot to get a photo.  It was our first time using collard greens instead of wraps and everyone enjoyed it! I’ll be doing it again.

In the mean time, here is the contents of your box this week:

Half Shares



butternut squash

Red or green cabbage

field tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

Green beans

ground cherries

red leaf lettuce

Baby bokchoy

Whole Shares

Spanish onions

romaine lettuce

saladette tomatoes

spaghetti squash


garlic chives

Fruit shares

3lbs bananas

2lbs prune plums (BC)

2lbs red grapes

4 oranges

bag of avocadoes

Hope you enjoy the new fall Veggies and savour the last tastes of summer!