Farm Share Week 16: Sept 20-22, 2017

Sep 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

It’s week 16 of the farm share season-apples are ready at many orchards in my area making it prime time for apple picking which also means fall is right around the corner! Already the leafs are changing colors and falling to the ground-a sure tell sign that here in Canada the nip in the mornings are coming shortly.  Which also means soon we will have pumpkins and squash and Thanksgiving (somehow its only 3 weeks away roughly).  But no more talk about fall-we’ve had some beautiful weather recently giving us all the last bit of summer weather before getting ready to have hot apple cider and pumpkin pie.

This week I’m sharing a site that has 15 ways to cook your tomatillo’s! If your anything like me they have begun to accumulate in your fridge, though I did the other week cut them up and added them with tomatoes for tacos.   They can be blended up for sauces, sauteed and eaten raw.
Here is the link to a few different ideas how to use them 15 ways to use your tomatillo’s. 

Jennifer is always so on top of taking pictures of her meals.  I always forget! Here is some lovely things she cooked up for dinner-including some bok choy-which is one of my favorites-with a little ginger and maple syrup.

Also don’t forget to share with your friends the Taste and See boxes that we are doing next week. Send them the link

Each box contains an assortment of fresh-picked organic veggies to give you or a friend a taste of farm share without having to sign on for the whole season-bonus it comes in a in a re-usable shopping bag!
Each order will contain:
1 bunch organic carrots
1 bunch organic beets

1lb green beans  (alt. 1/2 lb garlic)

1 head romaine lettuce

1 bunch green kale

1 pint grape tomatoes

Here is the box contents for this weeks share members.

Week 16
-spaghetti squash ( see Facebook for lasagna boats recipe!
Gluten free and vegetarian)
-mixed peppers
-ground cherries
-baby bokchoy choy

-cherry or grape tomatoes
-dandelion greens
-yellow potatoes
-Sugar snap peas