Farm Share Week 18: Oct 3-5, 2018

Oct 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

Hello October and hello harvest season! I am not sure about anyone else, but summers in Ontario are far too short and fly way to quickly for my liking.  Never the less the beauty that comes with the changing of the seasons here in Ontario is a sight to behold, and we are blessed once again with another Thanksgiving season right at our door.  This week you’ll get a wonderful bounty to help with the festivities, nothing like some beautiful organic pumpkin pie to make the welcoming of the season sting just a bit less as the temperatures drop and the signs of winter creep upon us.
Doug and Jenny had a blessed time taking a trip to Holland, and I apologize for the delay in the blog while they were away, some times the days just blur by for me into weeks with home schooling 3 kids and changes in schedule, I probably should eat more of my leafy greens to help with my memory from my share!  If you are unaware there are studies saying that eating leafy greens help with memory loss (as well as a preventative!) so if you aren’t a big fan of them here is one way to get it into your diet (this blog has non-leafy ideas too, such as squash!)
Yummy vegetable smoothie recipes!
An amazing pumpkin pie recipe! This recipe has a lot of ‘tips’ for those who need changes for dietary purposes, its a lot of text but its one amazing pie and you can freeze the extra filling!

Week 18

Pepper squash
Red peppers
Romaine lettuce
brussels sprouts

Red leaf lettuce
ground cherries
2nd carrots
Snow peas
Spanish onions

1lb Strawberries
3lbs bananas
1lb kiwi
3lbs pears
1 bag cranberries