Farm Share Week 19: Oct 7-10, 2015

Oct 7, 2015 | Uncategorized

Happy Thanksgiving from our farm to your table! We’ve included a pumpkin, squash and carrots for those of you traditional turkey dinner people :). ‎I hope you can find lots to be thankful for. Having sweet and supportive family relationships always tops my list. Don’t take anyone for granted this Thanksgiving. If you are blessed to have someone elderly among you, give them the seat of honour and take a little time to listen. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.
I’m of course thankful for great, wholesome foods accessible to my family in such abundance. Just to have a few good choices is great, but the variety we enjoy is astounding, really.
This week we also have the special treat of snow peas (rare in October). The peas we had high up on the hill showed no frost damage at all, whereas the ones on lower ground were all dotted with white spots from the frost. The pepper plants have managed to recover from the frost, as has the lettuce but this looks like the end for swiss chard and green beans.
Half Share
-pepper squash
-‎mixed sweet peppers
-red radish
-green swiss chard or spinach
-green leaf lettuce
-snow peas
-red beets
-green beans or alternate
-green onions
-green cabbage
-dandelion greens
-ground cherries

I’m thankful as well for all of you people that appreciate local organic vegetables, and the farmers who grow them. Thank you!

For this weeks recipe I decided to share 2 of my all time favourite recipes for this time of year.  A wonderful website that has tons of step by step idiot proof canning and recipe directions is where I found my first (and only) pumpkin pie recipe.  The great thing about that site is they have recipe alternatives for that same pie but for carrots and for other diet restrictions, so check it out! My other favorite recipe is baked squash and maple syrup recipe.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!