Farm Share Week 20: Oct 14-17, 2015

Oct 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

Hello from the farm,
T‎ minus 3 weeks (including this one) to go for farm share. This week was the first one of the season where we spent more time inside the building (washing and packing) than outside. Lots of hearty comfort food veggies this week! I’m talking squash, pumpkin and cabbage‎. 
Speaking of squash, we have spaghetti squash this week, which gets its name from the noodle-like texture its flesh gets when cooked. With any squash, cutting it in half top to bottom, scooping out the seeds and roasting face-down in a 1/2 inch of water for about 45 mins or until tender works great. With spaghetti squash, next separate the noodles with a fork. I recommend parmesan and lemon to flavour it. It’s very craveable. For butternut squash, it makes a divine creamy soup or is great roasted alone or with other veggies. You can even add it to curries or chili for some rich texture.
Here’s your line-up on this crisp fall day:
Half Share
-russet potatoes
-red leaf lettuce
-sweet peppers
-green cabbage
-squash (spaghetti squash or butternut- alt. Pepper)
-baby bokchoy
-garlic chives
Whole Share (same as above with)
-green onions
-green kale
Have a flavourful week!

This weeks recipe is for all that leftover turkey you have.  Turkey carcass soup I already turned mine into stock, but I still plan on making it since I have lots of cabbage to use up.  I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall.