Farm Share Week 3: June 21-23, 2017

Jun 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

It’s already week 3 of farm share! Jenny was wonderful doing the blog while I was away on vacation and now I am back and ready to share wonderful recipes and hopefully hear recipe suggestions from you all! Remember that we have a pinterest page with recipes too from previous years blog posts.  Jenny has organized it even into different dietary categories so if your searching for something in particular she probably has it there!

Here is a note from Jenny about this week’s box.
Hello from the farm!
Well, it’s been one wet spring so far, but we’ve not been totally washed out thankfully! Did you have the crazy weather we did over the weekend? On Saturday night we had what we believe was a tornado, because it literally raised the roof on about 1/4 of our packing building! ‎We are so thankful that everyone is ok and that giant piece of metal roof did not do any damage on the way down. Now we are busy repairing those new “skylights”.
Meanwhile, the strawberries have ripened! We know you’ll enjoy these and recommend you eat them right away (they are very perishable!) I’m sure you’ll find a way to eat them ;).
We are eagerly awaiting peas to come on‎ (next week), and green beans will be close to follow. We hope you enjoy the bounty of June!
Half Shares
-asparagus/snow peas
-white boy choy
-green kale
-garlic chives
-romaine lettuce
Whole Shares
-Boston lettuce (light green, buttery and delicate lettuce)
-‎purple dandelion greens (purple stemmed bitter green adds spunk to salads fresh or wilted)
-snow peas

This weeks recipe will be for the strawberries! I know they are super yummy fresh-but sometimes they are fun to add to salads and other things to give a nice hint of strawberry.

Here are 2 different salad recipes depending on how much work/time you have (if you already have granola the first one isn’t so bad either!)  Recipes are hyper-links: Click on the title and it will take you to a very detailed blog post with the full recipe and photos.
Strawberry kale salad with granola

Or try

Strawberry kale salad with maple balsamic dressing