Farm Share Week 4: June 28-30, 2017

Jun 28, 2017 | Uncategorized

Welcome to week 4 of farm share! We have certainly had some strange weather-I hear Uxbridge got hail last night!! It’s been hot, then cooler and just all over the place.  But the good news is-snow peas are here!
Don’t forget you can ALWAYS add to your box too-just make sure to send Jenny a message/get payment to her to add extra strawberries and other goodies to your box that you think you may want more of.
I stopped by the farm this past Saturday and got myself a ton of strawberries (well over 30 cups worth, which was a lot of work for this 32 week pregnant momma!) but made myself 16 jars of jam and froze 18 cups of strawberries for pies this winter!  Here is a picture of just *part* of what I got (I transferred it from the box when I got home because the box was too big for our fridge).

Jenny has shared a lovely vegan meal with you all this week too (thank you minimalist baker).

Spinach/kale/collards falafel, couscous salad with parsley, and cucumber salad.

(this falafel works with any cooking greens- ie. black kale or swiss chard from this week’s box). If you don’t have a food processor, add a little oil or water so your blender can chop it up like I did, but you will have to add extra gluten free flour and some flax to make it form into balls.
For the couscous salad‎, I just cooked couscous as per instructions with a little apple cider vinegar (or lemon), honey, salt, pepper, olive oil, red pepper and fresh parsley.
The cucumber salad was as simple as adding apple cider vinegar, honey, salt and pepper to taste.‎ Mint, basil or parsley are great additions here too!
Week 4 Half
-snow peas
-dandelion greens
-black kale
-green leaf lettuce
-rainbow chard
-garlic scapes
Whole Share
-sugar snap peas
-leeks or green onions