Farm Share Week 4: June 22-24, 2016

Jun 23, 2016 | Uncategorized

It’s already the 4th box of the season! The weather has been beautiful and hot-but not a whole lot of rain.  I thought we would have a couple of good storms for sure in the past few days but they all passed us over-hopefully we get some soon.  This year I’m pushing myself hard to expand our families meal horizons.  Growing up with a traditional North American diet which is typically a mash of cultures as well as ‘fast’ usually use a lot of casseroles and cream of soups-which are packed full of chemicals and additives that with long term use can cause some serious health problems.  I bought over the winter a book called The China Study-if you haven’t seen the documentary on netflix I highly recommend it.  It was very interesting to see someone so passionate about the correlation between diet/health go out of his way to do a study/feed people to show even just a 10 day diet change can impact your health in such a significant way that people cured their diabetes!   I don’t have any experience eating vegan food so I thought if anyone had a good cookbook-this one would be the one to buy.  They set up one of their studies in the heart of BBQ country and everyone loved the food so I figure if its good enough for BBQ lovers (I myself am one) then I should have a decent selection for my meat loving family to try.  I’m hoping to have at least 1 and by the end of farm share-2 vegan meals in our diet per week.  So far I haven’t been successful however I have been learning to cook with new oils such as grape-seed and avocado oil-and I am LOVING them.  This weeks recipe uses both the beautiful beets and the spinach that we got in our share.  I didn’t follow the recipe 100%-I actually cut up the leafs from the beets and set them aside-and baked the beets with their stalks in garlic, oil, salt, pepper and a yellow onion @350 for an hour and stirred them as needed.    I pan fried my salmon (salt and pepper the salmon) in basil olive oil and garlic-after removing the salmon from the pan I threw in the beet leaves and after they were softened added them to the baking dish with the reset of the beets.  They were AMAZING! Zesty salmon with roasted beets.
Hello from the farm,
We’ve been hustlin’ in the heat so you can eat! My, what a start to summer! We’ve been lucky enough to catch some cooler temperatures mid-week when we harvest and pack your veggie shares.
With only a few dustings of rain in a couple months, we’re watching the forecast for rain, a substantial, ground-soaking, life-giving rain. ‎We’ve been keeping most crops happy with irrigation, but the asparagus crop has dropped to less than half of its normal productivity with the lack of rain. Thankfully, the cucumbers in the greenhouse are thriving and the strawberries are ripening by the day. Greenhouse beets will soon be ready for everyone.
-snow peas
-romaine lettuce
-green leaf lettuce or boston lettuce
-baby bokchoy
-bunch mint
-green kale
Whole Share
-beets (red)
-spinach or bok choy‎
-garlic scapes‎ (funky bunch of long curly herb, use just like garlic)
-double snow peas‎
-green swiss chard