Farm Share week 9: July 27-30, 2016

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Sorry this is a day late-life with toddlers always keeps me on my toes although my brain seems to only remember things at certain moments in the day.  This week we have delayed our share until the following week since we will be out of town-Jenny was great at accommodating once again.  This week I made a couple of things to share with you (but only one picture).  I still had my black currants in my fridge from a couple of boxes ago and they were on their way out.  A few years ago I had saved a few of them to make a red/black currant jam that turned out amazing but alas-I didn’t have enough to make a batch of jam.  However I did have some Ontario cherries and added that to the mix and made a wonderful black currant and black cherry syrup for my pancakes and egg in the middle.  It’s was quick and very tasty! I did add maple syrup to the mixture after it was done-just to give it a mix more of a mellow taste but it was good without.  Here is the recipe in case you have any fresh fruit you care to turn into a yummy syrup too!  They also use them for snow cones-drinks and other fun things.  Here is the recipe simple fruit syrup recipe.
I also made a WONDERFUL dinner (seriously impressed myself and my husband and even my picky todder ate his whole taco) and for the side I just peeled and cut up a sweet potato, beets from the share and an onion.  I used leftover bacon grease but you can use any oil (we love bacon what can I say?) and put them all cubed into a glass roasting pan with some salt and pepper and a bit of garlic and baked at 425 for about an hour stirring at random intervals to coat with the seasoning and oil.

And FINALLY-someone has SHARED A RECIPE! YAY! I’m so happy to see some feedback and easy recipes for staples in our boxes.  a huge shout out goes to Chris-and I will for sure be making this with the next batch of endive I get! Thank you Chris for your contribution we always appreciate the recipes that you share so feel free to email Jenny with a suggestion to add to our blog.

As an aside, I make a soup with endive that is super easy and great if one has a cold.

A take on chicken noodle soup:

  1 head endive cut up2 medium onions diced (use your leek whites instead and save the green parts for later)

6 cups chicken bone broth or homemade stock ( don’t bother with the commercial stuff- yecch) The real stuff is worth the time. Have slow cooker- can make stock!6T olive oil

garlic if desired

1/2 c noodles- I use rice noodles because I am gluten intolerant.

Salt and pepper to taste

 Sautée leaves gently coating them with oil in pan. Add onions then garlic- throw in stock and boil for 5 minutes or so- Add noodles

Here is a note from the farm:
This is the week that I see how wonderful our farm share team of harvesters and packers (and the farm staff too!) really are! I have been seriously out of commission for almost a week I’ve been so ill. Thankfully, I’m on the mend now and their are some wonderful people working extra hard to bring you the best from our farm this week. Enjoy!

Week 9
-green beans
-green leaf lettuce
-baby bokchoy
-garlic chives
-pickling cukes
-cauliflower/ broccoli
-romaine lettuce
-swiss chard