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Farm Share Week 17: Sept 27-30

Hi Everybody!
Wow…the heat! I was praying for some more heat for the farmers waiting for their crops to mature before the heat, so I guess I should say sorry- I asked for it! However, I hope you have been able to enjoy it. I managed a perfect beach day with family and friends on September 23rd. The water was great! So enjoy it.
By the end of the week you may be inspired by those potatoes and leeks to make potato leek soup.
Another not dairy free potato and leek soup recipe.
I met up with a friend of mine and we started talking about cabbage rolls (we’re both mom’s and wives, so dinner time is always needing some inspiration). I remembered how much I loved making them, but got a little discouraged when I had to make separate ones for my dairy and egg sensitive son.

I sought to make some tweaks to my go to recipe, and I’m happy with the results.
Recipe to come in the next newsletter.

Cabbage rolls before I smothered them with tomato sauce.

In your boxes this week:
-delicate squash
-sweet cabbage (make beautiful cabbage rolls)
-yellow potatoes
-ground cherries
-green leaf lettuce
-green beans
-Sugar snap or snow peas

Sweet cabbages: they’re shaped like gnomes!

So pretty!

-grape tomatoes
-cherry tomatoes
-jalapeños peppers
-red bell peppers
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Farm Share Week 16: Sept 20-22, 2017

It’s week 16 of the farm share season-apples are ready at many orchards in my area making it prime time for apple picking which also means fall is right around the corner! Already the leafs are changing colors and falling to the ground-a sure tell sign that here in Canada the nip in the mornings are coming shortly.  Which also means soon we will have pumpkins and squash and Thanksgiving (somehow its only 3 weeks away roughly).  But no more talk about fall-we’ve had some beautiful weather recently giving us all the last bit of summer weather before getting ready to have hot apple cider and pumpkin pie.

This week I’m sharing a site that has 15 ways to cook your tomatillo’s! If your anything like me they have begun to accumulate in your fridge, though I did the other week cut them up and added them with tomatoes for tacos.   They can be blended up for sauces, sauteed and eaten raw.
Here is the link to a few different ideas how to use them 15 ways to use your tomatillo’s. 

Jennifer is always so on top of taking pictures of her meals.  I always forget! Here is some lovely things she cooked up for dinner-including some bok choy-which is one of my favorites-with a little ginger and maple syrup.

Also don’t forget to share with your friends the Taste and See boxes that we are doing next week. Send them the link

Taste and See Box

Each box contains an assortment of fresh-picked organic veggies to give you or a friend a taste of farm share without having to sign on for the whole season-bonus it comes in a in a re-usable shopping bag!
Each order will contain:
1 bunch organic carrots
1 bunch organic beets

1lb green beans  (alt. 1/2 lb garlic)

1 head romaine lettuce

1 bunch green kale

1 pint grape tomatoes

Here is the box contents for this weeks share members.

Week 16
-spaghetti squash ( see Facebook for lasagna boats recipe!
Gluten free and vegetarian)
-mixed peppers
-ground cherries
-baby bokchoy choy

-cherry or grape tomatoes
-dandelion greens
-yellow potatoes
-Sugar snap peas

Farm Share Week 15: Sept. 13-15, 2017

Looks like summer is having a last hurrah this weekend! Sounds good to me because I feel like we didn’t quite get our fill of the hot weather just yet.
It’s been a rough year for fruit…hence the lack of watermelon and apples in your baskets this year, but some delicious plums grown organically by a friend of ours have come to the rescue this week!
They are a deep purple-black hue and a tad soft when most ripe and sweet. If they still feel quite firm they will taste more tart but still tasty. But the ripe ones…well lets just say they are converting me to loving plums!
We are coming to the end of tomato season, so enjoy them while they last!
More squash, cabbage, carrots and beets are yours to look forward to as well as this week and more weeks to come…potatoes! Some of you got russet and some got yellow flesh potatoes this week. I hope you enjoy this staple nice and fresh and organically grown!
Do you find yourself looking for some extra veggies to preserve for the winter or juice? We have lots of green beans, carrots, beets, potatoes, green peppers,  celery and more. Email Jennifer for prices and availability.

If you want to cure your onions here is a video to show you how: How to cure onions.

Use yoiur onions, peppers and zucchini in this recipe Zucchini Relish with Sweet Peppers.

Hope you enjoy the September harvest!
Week 15
Half Shares
-potatoes (russet or yellow flesh)
-green peppers
-green beans
-grape tomatoes
-Snow peas
-romaine lettuce
-green kale
-cherry tomatoes
-red Sheppard peppers
-green cabbage
-red leaf lettuce
-yellow onions (please note they have not
been cured and must be dried out for
longer shelf life)

Farm Share Week 14: Sept 6-8, 2017

Its already Sept which means back to school for most of the kids in our lives!  I’m adjusting to life with a newborn and 2 older boys but I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl so I’m over the moon right now.  Here is a note from Jenny:

Happy first week of school!

Whether you’re shedding tears or doing the happy dance, or having a week much the same as the week before, we hope it’s a great week of growth for you all.
This week is a gluten-free dream! The eggplant and spinach together are practically begging to be a spinach lasagna with eggplant noodles (just salt and pre-cook the eggplant in slices with a little olive oil and use just as you would other noodles). The only difference is they have a little liquid, so make sure your sauce is thick.
Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? As the name suggests, it has the texture of fine noodles when cut lengthwise and cooked facedown, seeds removed at 375 or so for about 49 mins or until tender.
It’s pretty amazing with Lemon juice and parmesean cheese or nutritional yeast for the vegan set. Or try your own sauce. Use the zucchini for zoodles if you have a spiralizer, and you’ll be enjoying a week of gluten free bliss!
We are hoping to send field tomatoes To everyone this week. They are not as perfect as I prefer them to be, but we hope you can appreciate them as our best on this wet, wet year. You may need to eat them more quickly than normal.
Hope you enjoy these freshly bunched beets. They are awesome for lowering your blood pressure. I may have used the fact that they colour a certain (ahem) output to entice my kids to try them. You do what you can to get the kids eating good things, right?
NOTE: The jalapeños are hot (small and slim green peppers). The hottest part is the seeds. You may want to chop them up wearing dish gloves to keep the oil from the seeds off your hands. If you like a milder taste, discard the seeds. I may have gotten the oils from them on my hands and in my eyes (it’s butns!), and accidentally gotten some on my baby #1. If you do this, dish soap will get the oils off and dairy products applied topically can soothe the skin. I’m sure Stephanie has an essential oil for this! (I do! I suggest lavender oil-if you are in need of any check out Healing Hollow oils-she is a Canadian company that has high quality essential oils/blends/products).
Hope you enjoy the bountyear this week!
-beefsteak tomatoes (or 2nd tomato)
-mixed green and sweet red sheppard
-cherry or grape tomatoes (grape on tues)
-romaine lettuce
-spaghetti squash
-green beans
Whole Shares
-banana peppers or jalapeños (hot, see