Farm Share Week 19: Oct 8-11, 2014

Oct 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

As promised this week I am going to share my favourite pumpkin pie recipe with you all (you can easily use the squash too) and I will be linking you to the website because they have wonderful pictures and also alternative recipe options for those who choose the less sugar options 🙂

Since my pie crusts never seem to bake properly I have resorted to using Graham cracker crust pies (or wafers-whatever I have on hand) and they always come out amazing-I hope you enjoy this pie as much as I do.  It wasn’t until I made my own from scratch that I even LIKED pumpkin pie.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us-the weather and leaves are a reminder of the winter snowfall that is just around the corner.  Here is a message from Jenny-”

My heart was a little sad this week to discover that the pumkins did not keep well in storage. Sadly, I was only able to squeeze out enough pumpkins for the whole share. However, you can try a twist on pumpkin pie with butternut squash. Why not?!
However, this is my favorite week of Farm Share because of Thanksgiving. With squashes, sage (stuffing), carrots and celery, I picture you all sharing a feast with those you hold most dear, in the spirit of gratitude. There are many cultures represented among our wonderful members, but sharing a meal with a thankful heart is something I bet we could all come together on.
I’m thankful for such good food available to me. Though the budget may be tight, and I may be very tired and dirty at the end of a day, I have my pick of the bounty of vegetables to cook my family something nutritious at home, and my dear husband and kids to share it with. I love the country crisp air and vibrant shades of October, the satisfaction of working in partnership with the land, and doing something I’m proud of.
I thank God for all he has given me. Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, and may you find many blessings to count over a great meal, turkey or none!
Half Share
-pepper squash (cut in half, bake with butter and brown sugar (optional)- done!
-butternut squash
-sage (for your stuffing)
-red sheppard peppers
-red leaf lettuce
-rainbow carrots
-green beans
-turnip/rutabaga, potatoes or watermelon radish (greenish on the outside, multicolor and radish taste on the inside)


Same as above with
-extra rainbow carrots
-green peppers
-green onions
-sugar snap peas