Farm Share Week 21, Oct 21-24, 2015

Oct 21, 2015 | Uncategorized

Hi from the farm,
I am all too aware that our time out in the fields is fleeting. Each thing we harvest seems just like a gift and everything not damaged by the frost gets all the sweeter (like carrots!). They are so nice I left the tops on this week.
This may be your last week if you are on a biweekly schedule (sad, but true). If so you should have received an email with some details. Your last delivery comes in a cardboard box so you need not return it.
I hope your kitchen smells amazing with some rich fall fare this week!
One new item this week is celery root. It is definately one of the uglier veggies out there but really very tasty. It’s a great addition to soups or I love to add it to mix mixtures like in tacos. It amps up the flavour. I like to cook it till nice and tender.
Do ‎you have a favourite celery root (celeriac) recipe? If so, don’t hold out on us! Share it here 🙂
This week I’m going to try this  roasted celery root and carrot recipe.
Half Share
-pepper squash
-celery root
-green cabbage
-baby bokchoy
-green kale
-mixed sweet peppers
-yukon gold potatoes
Whole Share
-green swiss chard
-garlic chives
-extra squash (butternut or pepper)