Farm Share Week 22: Oct 28-30, 2015

Farm Share Week 22: Oct 28-30, 2015

Well, here it is, the last week! Capped off by the tail end of the hurricane no less. This makes me appreciate how mild the hurricanes are here- just a little wind and rain to our Jamaican and Trini workers‎. We planned smart and ended up in the shelter of the building washing and packing all day.
I hope you enjoy all the colours and flavours this week. We have Jerusalem artichokes, fresh out of the field, which have a unique nutritional complement of iron and potassium. Feeling unsure about the new tuber? No need to peel, just scrub, cook with your potatoes and mash together. If you’re wanting to get a stronger taste, slice and Sautee them in olive oil and garlic, leaving them slightly crisp. These with your potatoes would also be a nice creamy soup (no cream required).
Red cabbage is new this week too. The colour is fabulous in a slaw, or cook with some carrots for a simple veggie side dish. If you want to fascinate your children, let them guess what colour the cabbage will turn the water it’s cooked in and then observe. If I recall correctly it’s electric blue. It blows my mind too!
Bring on the soups and hearty comfort food. Looks like we’re getting some fall before winter hits this year. Tues and Wednesday sound perfect (18 and sunny last I checked) so let’s soak up some sun while we can. 
Thank you all for taking this journey with me. I hope you’ve made so discoveries with your food and that we’ve kept it interesting and tasty for you.
Have a wonderful, healthy winter and I hope you are already dreaming of our veggies in the new year.


This weeks recipe is for your potatoes and celery root (and the yummy Ontario apples that are at all the local stores) celery root soup recipe.

Half Share
-pepper squash
-celery root (little round root things…ugly but tasty 😉
-jerusalem artichokes (kind of look like ginger)
-red cabbage
-red potatoes
-black kale
-red or green swiss chard
-baby boy choy
Whole Share
-brussels sprouts or hot peppers
-red Sheppard peppers
-garlic chives
-lettuce or green peppers
The pics are of brussels sprouts (still tiny, I wish we had enough for everyone!), celery root, and my son pulling carrots with us.

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StephanieMy name is Stephanie Hofman and this is my 5th year with the farm share program. I am an earth loving hippie-follower of Christ-lover of all people and love to try new things. I am not a blogger outside of zephyr organics-so please keep this in mind as I continue to learn the in's and out's of what it means to create a good blog and to be a good blogger! My family and I do our best to make everything at home from scratch, but we are not fully organic, non-GMO, nor are we dairy free or gluten free. I do my best with what I have and am slowly but surely making changes towards a more healthy lifestyle. I try and keep the recipes that I share to encompass all diets-some will be desserts, some will be juicing recipes (last year I failed epically at my juicing fast-FYI don't add 'more kale' just to use it up in a recipe) some gluten and dairy free-some vegan and many in between. Most of the items in the box I am familiar with now-but a few years ago I didn't know what bokchoy was nor had I ever heard of swiss chard-now they are my 2 favourite items to get in my box! I'm a free going spirit who has taught herself most things and love to help others out since I've only become who I am and gotten to where I am in life because of the love and generosity of those who've I've encountered. I've never been very good at spelling nor have I been very computer savvy. Any feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey towards supporting local farmers and supporting the growing organic food movement. May your box bless you and your family all season long and I look forward to sharing my recipe successes and failures with you.View all posts by Stephanie →