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Farm Share Week 5: June 29-July 1, 2016

Sorry for the late blog-my internet at night goes in and out-I’m not sure if Rogers does an nightly update or what but once it goes-its done for the night! A quick note from Jenny:
We have rain! There are a lot of farmers overjoyed at this news, and definately some crops. New this week is sugar snap peas and snow peas from the field, greenhouse beets and red currants. Little zucchini the size of my thumb are sending the promise of zucchini for next week! The carrots in the front field are also finger-sized, and I simply cannot wait till they’re ready!
Have fun creating this week 🙂
Week 5
-green kale‎ (try rubbed in olive oil on pizza for something new)
-red currants (try on salad, in a smoothie, or in baking) extra strawberries
-red beets‎ (don’t forget to use the leaves!)
-red leaf lettuce
-black kale (perfect in pasta or as salad-just rub leaves in olive oil, add lemon juice, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper to taste, and voila! A craveable salad)
-green leaf lettuce
-snow peas
-sugar snap peas
-garlic scapes
-salad greens with red rocket arugula and baby kale
-bok choy
This week I was focusing on using up my leftover green leaf veggies.  I used this recipe but I added the stems from the beets in with the onions to caramelize as well as the big leaves with the spinach at the end to soften them up.  It was delicious and a great way to use part of the plant if you save the beets themselves for soups, smoothies, or something else. Delicious sauteed spinach and caramelized onions recipe.  This week we are off to the bush for a camping trip with the boys! It’s our first time out since getting engaged nearly 6 summers ago-how time flies and I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with my sons.  Since I won’t be around I sent a message to Jenny to delay my share until next Friday-if you are going on vacation please let us know and we will hold your box until you are back-just send Jenny the dates and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Don’t forget to check out our pinterest page for more recipes!

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Farm Share Week 4: June 22-24, 2016

It’s already the 4th box of the season! The weather has been beautiful and hot-but not a whole lot of rain.  I thought we would have a couple of good storms for sure in the past few days but they all passed us over-hopefully we get some soon.  This year I’m pushing myself hard to expand our families meal horizons.  Growing up with a traditional North American diet which is typically a mash of cultures as well as ‘fast’ usually use a lot of casseroles and cream of soups-which are packed full of chemicals and additives that with long term use can cause some serious health problems.  I bought over the winter a book called The China Study-if you haven’t seen the documentary on netflix I highly recommend it.  It was very interesting to see someone so passionate about the correlation between diet/health go out of his way to do a study/feed people to show even just a 10 day diet change can impact your health in such a significant way that people cured their diabetes!   I don’t have any experience eating vegan food so I thought if anyone had a good cookbook-this one would be the one to buy.  They set up one of their studies in the heart of BBQ country and everyone loved the food so I figure if its good enough for BBQ lovers (I myself am one) then I should have a decent selection for my meat loving family to try.  I’m hoping to have at least 1 and by the end of farm share-2 vegan meals in our diet per week.  So far I haven’t been successful however I have been learning to cook with new oils such as grape-seed and avocado oil-and I am LOVING them.  This weeks recipe uses both the beautiful beets and the spinach that we got in our share.  I didn’t follow the recipe 100%-I actually cut up the leafs from the beets and set them aside-and baked the beets with their stalks in garlic, oil, salt, pepper and a yellow onion @350 for an hour and stirred them as needed.    I pan fried my salmon (salt and pepper the salmon) in basil olive oil and garlic-after removing the salmon from the pan I threw in the beet leaves and after they were softened added them to the baking dish with the reset of the beets.  They were AMAZING! Zesty salmon with roasted beets.
Hello from the farm,
We’ve been hustlin’ in the heat so you can eat! My, what a start to summer! We’ve been lucky enough to catch some cooler temperatures mid-week when we harvest and pack your veggie shares.
With only a few dustings of rain in a couple months, we’re watching the forecast for rain, a substantial, ground-soaking, life-giving rain. ‎We’ve been keeping most crops happy with irrigation, but the asparagus crop has dropped to less than half of its normal productivity with the lack of rain. Thankfully, the cucumbers in the greenhouse are thriving and the strawberries are ripening by the day. Greenhouse beets will soon be ready for everyone.
-snow peas
-romaine lettuce
-green leaf lettuce or boston lettuce
-baby bokchoy
-bunch mint
-green kale
Whole Share
-beets (red)
-spinach or bok choy‎
-garlic scapes‎ (funky bunch of long curly herb, use just like garlic)
-double snow peas‎
-green swiss chard
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Farm Share Week 3, June 15-17

It’s the third week of farm share and our second box has just arrived.  I was so excited when I opened up the box to find strawberries sitting at the top! I’ll be blessed if I get even one of those with 2 young boys who love fruit around-but can’t wait to cut them up to enjoy as a fresh snack in this warm weather.  This week I tried out a new recipe for the rhubarb-it’s a lovely Rhubard Spice Cake with Lemon Sauce that I just finished making (no picture of it with the sauce-we just finished dinner and I’m too full to dish it out). I did however taste the lemon sauce and it’s incredible! I can’t wait to try them together.
Tonight for dinner I used up the remaining aspergous (which we’ve been eating steamed and grilled) in a wonderful Alfredo dish with some leftover ham.  It was a hit with some homemade herb bread and a lovely salad it was a meal full of yummy veggies from the farm.   Here is the Ham and Aspargus Alfredo Recipe.
IMG_4610 IMG_4611

Jenny has a quick note from the farm-

Hi everyone!
This week is the start of some things new. Spinach is here, and I probably don’t have to tell you how to enjoy it. I find the best way to wash it is to soak it a couple times in cold water. Any dirt settles to the bottom. Also, we have strawberries! You might want to gobble these up first because they don’t last long. They may not be the giant uniform ones you might be accustomed to from California or Florida, but they sure don’t lack in taste! Add to this some snow peas (grown in the greenhouse), and the addition of greenhouse beets and cucumbers for the whole shares (more to come for the rest of you), and more variety is already coming your way.  Don’t forget to check out our pinterest page for recipe ideas too.
We also have our first lettuces from the fields- that deep and lovely hued red leaf lettuce. Hope you chop, cook and crunch your way to great eating this week. ~Jennifer Eng
Week 3
-baby bok choy
-snow peas
-strawberries or beets
-green onions or basil pot
-Boston lettuce
-red leaf lettuce
-purple bok choy
-cucumber or extra asparagus
-purple turnip greens
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Farm Share Week 2: June 8-10, 2016

A note from Jennifer-
Finally the rain came! We are still busy planting in the fields, and a nice drink of rain is perfect for the new transplants. The cucumbers in the greenhouse are just starting to get to harvest size (next week!) and some of the little green strawberries in the strawberry field are turning to red. I have been checking them almost every day in my excitement.
This week’s box has lots of leafy green goodness. I hope you discover a new way to enjoy them this week. Most of the leafy greens can be enjoyed in salad, wilted in butter or oil, or added to pastas, soups, stir fries and much more. Enjoy 🙂
Half Shares
-green onions
-green kale
-bok choy or baby bok choy
-green swiss chard
-endive (looks like a lettuce with jagged-edged leaves)
-Boston lettuce
-basil pot
-bagged beets
-garlic chives
-bunch spinach
-extra asparagus

-bagged purple top turnips


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Farm Share-Week 1: June 1-3, 2016

It’s the first farm share of the season! What an exciting time-fresh veggies delivered right to your door.  Farm to table freshness is waiting for us over the next 22 weeks as our summer unfolds-I can’t wait to taste my first bite of the amazing crisp bok choy that I just got in our first share box.
It’s hard to believe that the (seemingly never ending winter) is finally over-and we now have had enough warmth and sunshine to grow a beautiful array of vegetables to start the summer off right and to keep you recharged (and enjoying food/family/weather).

Here is what you can look forward to in your first box (depending on your area you can expect to see it Wed/Thursday/Friday of this week) and remember if you signed up and find you have too few (or too many) vegetables your able to change your share-just reach out to Jenny and she will accommodate accordingly.

-boston lettuce

-rainbow swiss chard
-purple top turnip
-rapini (dark leafy green with little broccoli flowers)
-green multiplier onions
-turnip greens (light green frilly one with a whitish stalk)
-double asparagus
(same as above with the addition of…)
-bok choy
-mint (smell or taste and you’ll know which one ois mint!)
-baby kale (‎in the bag)
Below is a little hello from Jenny and a wonderful recipe I can’t wait to try!

Hello everyone!

From late frosts to sweltering heat, May comes to a beautiful conclusion. An array of colours awaits you this week. There’s loads of asparagus so we thought you would probably know what to do with a second bunch, and strawberries are just beginning to form out in the field (it shouldn’t be long now waiting for those sweet treasures.
Our Open House was a great time of learning, and of course, eating. Here’s a yummy and sophisticated snack or starter that managed to get my kids eating asparagus willingly :).

Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Garlic Chive Appetizer
-asparagus tops, cut from stem (1 for each cracker)
-‎1 tbsp. Olive or coconut oil (enough to lightly coat asparagus)
-‎salt and pepper to taste
-plain goat cheese log
-2 tbsp. Garlic chives
-Live Organic Raw Garden Crackers (or crackers of your choice)
1. Preheat over to 400 degrees. Line a cookie sheet‎ with tin foil.
2. Toss asparagus tops with coconut oil until lightly coated. Spread out on pan so each top has room to cook. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until tender but still brightly coloured. Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Spread a generous layer of goat cheese on each cracker. Add a pinch of ‎finely chopped garlic chives. Place an asparagus top on each cracker and serve. They are still tasty at room temperature.
Tip: use the asparagus stalks for creamy asparagus soup!
Have fun fueling your body with healthful foods this week. 🙂
Kind regards,

Jennifer Eng
Zephyr Organics Farm Share

Don’t forget you can use the mint in your water for a refreshing mint water to help with the heat 🙂 Here is a recipe I can’t wait to try from Canadian Living-Garlic-Sauteed Rapini Recipe
If you have any recipes to share or need ideas and inspiration check out the zephyr organic pinterest page!